Entry #2

A Shiny Shedinja appeared !!

2012-06-18 10:08:31 by 8Nairb

Last Resort is super effective!
-Mission "SHINY SHEDINJA" complete-

The War Has Ended ... for now:
I won!! I finally won!! I knew my research was correct!!
After getting Gold, it takes 100-200 abusvies. Luckily I've flagged around 700+ abusives yesterday~
To those who kept on spamming, its been nice flagging your reviews~
Anyways lets celebrate!! All hail my Shiny Shedinja!!!
From now on, Its name is "Deity" <3 bwahahahahha

Special thanks to imaTouko-chan for helping me upgrade my whistle all the way to Deity status =]

Ok next thing I want now is that Supreme Commander.
And so, another mission is born. -Mission "FUNNY TANKS?" ongoing-
Of course, I need to Level Up while Im at it. Im after that ? Block~


I've been abandoned by my own mentor here... W-Why is that so?!?! ='(

A Shiny Shedinja appeared !!


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2012-07-28 23:22:12

It takes months of consecutive flagging to get to Gold.

8Nairb responds:

Indeed, Its been three months by now ...
I can see that you got a Shiny Ninjask, I envy that !!


2012-07-29 23:53:45

But Gold isn't worth much; Deity is the main goal. Deity overpowers Gold in many ways.

8Nairb responds:

Yes, The Shiny Shedinja is what Im really after for.
It could be the floating halo it bears or its shiny rare state that makes it overpowering~


2012-07-30 14:41:09

Silver to gold whistle is the biggest gap there is.

8Nairb responds:

I thought that Gold to Deity is the biggest gap??


2012-08-04 21:04:49

no it's silver to gold but gold to deity does take some time.

(Updated ) 8Nairb responds:

Oh that wouldn't be much of a problem now bwahahaha ...


2012-08-10 15:49:42

congrats on the new whistle

8Nairb responds:

Thanks =P


2012-08-17 05:12:56

A level 7 police patrol with a deity whistle? That's the first time I've seen one haha.
Great job. Whistles are more important than experience or ranks.

If you need help with the medals, just say so :D.

8Nairb responds:

They say only few users here have Deity?? Haha I love steel chairs~
Yay thats awesome thanks!!
Oh I do! I do need help, I'd love some medals plz Knuckstrike!! ><"